Sunbeams and Crayons

Spent most of the day looking for sunbeams!

Found the perfect one!

It’s a little chilly where we live, so I count it a blessing to be able to work from home.

If you are getting the winter blues. I have a little coolio project for you.  Go buy yourself a new pack of crayons, download a sweet pic and color the crap out of it!

There is zero things in life compared to a new box of crayons. OMG remember the smell when you first opened THAT BOX?

Come on guys, life is to short to not have a little stupid fun.

Go be ridiculous and give it to someone. Put it on your wall at work. When someone says, “oh cute, your kid drew you a pic.” You just reply as sober looking as possible and say,” nah all me.” The reaction will be so fulfilling.

Write To……. at the top of the page and From…… at the bottom of the page.

You remember how!

Well unless you’re chicken;)