The Post Bullied MoveMent


Friends Hey

As ALWAYS. Before we get after it here, I really need you to read the blog about me introducing myself.

It will help if you have issues with my spellin, punctuation, grammar, etc.…. It will introduce you to my thought process as well.

Well now that, that is settled, Lets Get After It.

Lets just see here why you need to purchase stuff and join my movement.

Bullied, a word that is used and used. We see pics in our head, ads on the boob tube. What we don’t see is the after math with the survivors. This is where I step in. Like a big ass high 5 to the face to step in.

What has ever happened to the survivors of this s#@t? Well we grew up, became part of the human race, and most of us learned how to be people pleasers.

BUTT, BUTT, BUTT, (I like this butt better). What the H E double hockey sticks happens when we take our life and future life into our own hands, and decide that, IN THE WORDS OF TWISTED SISTER say, “we’re not gonna take it anymore”?

I’ll tell you what happens, the earth changes her axis, people start quitting their jobs in parliament, women get to vote, it’s complete anarchy.

*SIDE NOTE… I have a google home, and I just asked how to spell a word. Now I can spell words wrong on purpose, and p@#s people off on purpose. Hahaha.

This is what happened to me anyways.

You can be bullied by friends, cousins, your kids, ex’ s, your parents, and a dog whisperer will even tell you, that you can get bullied by your dog.

Here lies the demon, we did it to ourselves. We had to learn how to survive and surviving meant rolling over for everyone. It meant, making sure their feelings were taken care of, it meant sitting and crying alone because no one knew who you really were or are. IE…. Getting long stemmed roses as a gift, cause there your fave. Then disappointed because all you really wanted was daisies from the ditch. It’s not about the gift, it’s about people not really knowing you. Not knowing, because you must wear so many masks to keep everyone happy.

I can’t make this stuff up.

Then hopefully one day, you wake up and that’s it. You are done with their crap. So, you start telling people your truth. Opinions asked and an honest answer given. That one will sting because they’ve expected cotton candy and rainbows for an answer. Well now they’re mad. You were a b@#ch or an a@#hole.

People will drop off like flies, you may only have a couple left or maybe no one. This might even be blood family gone.

YOU are in tears because you thought they cared, this is where you will yell your truth. “F@#KING RIGHTS I’M SWEET”.

It’s not their fault my friend, you taught them how to treat you. Now lets unteach them.

I stood up for myself. This is what happened. I refused to let people dump their garbage on me without me being able to dump back. When asked a question, I started asking, do you want cotton candy and rainbows, or do you want my honest opinion. Absolutely everyone said,” honest of course”. Um Ya NO they didn’t. They be gone.

Interestingly enough, what I brought in after I got over the pain. Are people who were like minded, who wouldn’t put up with my crap, and I didn’t have to put up with theirs. Guess what? We bonded like crazy.

This is what I say to you… After you get through the s@#t storm, what’s left or what will come in, will be worth it.

When I created “the F@#KING RIGHTS I’M SWEET MoveMent”, I even had some backlash about the harshity (fyi this is one of my fave words I’ve made up so far), of my words. So, I considered how to change up the wording. WWWWWWAAAAIIITTTTTT. Yes Jenn, Lets make everyone else happy.

I’m not here to please anyone BUTT myself. AND(I realize I’m not supposed to start a sentence with and, but here we are), This is the statement that I yelled out, this is the statement that pulled me up from my knees and gave me my power back.

Let’s start this movement for the survivors. Let’s start it for yourself.

For definitions on what I consider in my opinion to be bullying, please email me, and I’ll get into it a bit further.