The Law of the Reaper and Sewing

Reapin and Sewin – Sewin and Reapin

A pretty famous dude, once spoke these words. Love him or hate him, there still are no truer words.
Now before we get after it, I really want to encourage you to read my blog called, The Blog. This is where you learn that when I write, I write for me, and if you happen to take away anything from my opinion…. Most excellent.
Let’s get after it.
When I was growing up , I was surrounded with a lot of religion. The kind that makes you fear so many things. As I grew up, I turned it into my personal belief system and took the labels and fear away from it.
ZERO As easy as it sounds, zero as fun as it sounds. It’s literally the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. Read” The Blog”, and you can see why( literally) was thrown in there. Hahaha welcome hub ;).
Now I wont ever dis my past. When I talk about my past, it’s only for you to take some insight and deeper meaning. The past is who you have become. You’ve heard that at least 100 times.
Personal opinion, know your past, then you can see what steps need to be takin to get on with your world.
*side note… don’t always really on friends for advice in super difficult times. It’s not always fare for them. Remember they are your support system. I stress the word SUPPORT. You may not have an R5 relationship (see the Relationship scale blog). You know what I mean guy’s. EXAMPLE. “ omg I’m sooo lost , I don’t know what to do, I’ve been crying all day, what should I do?” friends answer, “well when I was in your place, …….blah blah blah. “ and now you’re mad. Go to a PROFESSIONAL guys. Unless you’re going to say off the bat, you want a sugar coated rainbows answer. Even then, you’re putting someone in a place to bite their tongue.
There is nothing that p@#ses me off more, than people asking for your opinion, then get mad when you give it.
We all need that shoulder to cry on once in awhile and we all need to ask for help once in awhile. And If we ask, we have to be able to give back in the relationship. BALANCE.
WOWZERS, I need some more coffee, k back on track friends. Tangent done.
Reaping and Sewing. It’s an actual universal law. In fact it’s Newtons law. An object in motion stays in motion. In my opinion this is sewing what you reap. AND if this law is interrupted???? Chaos.

People , more so a long time ago, use to reap what they had sewed. Creating people that grew up taking responsibility for their actions. Now before we get all crazy, this is my opinion, and I don’t mean everyone. Plus this is my blog and you may not of arrived on the same spaceship as me 😉

An action, a word spoken is something that has been put into motion… now interrupt this motion with an enabling move and the law is interrupted.
Sooo, when do we help someone? Easy, ask yourself, “self, can this person do what I am about to do for them, for themselves , is this something they have asked for repeatedly in the past?”
It’s a tricky thing, and I don’t see black and white here, but a lot of grey. For deep mental, gut wrenching issues, see a professional.
Its also, most excellent to be there for someone when they need that shoulder, or you need a shoulder.
See guys, the relationship has to go both ways for it to not be enabling. In my opinion.
When we enable, we stop the reaping and the law.
I recently learned that it’s ok not to be ok once in awhile, I also learned that when you become your authentic self, you will lose people, HOWEVER…. I’ve also learned that what comes to your authentic self is mind blowing amazingness.
I’ve started reaping what I sewed. What I sewed into myself this time.
The do unto others , as you would have them do unto you thinger , maybe is a little b@#sh@#ty. Some people are just a@#holes. They need some reaping maybe;)
I can tell you this, I am not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s ok. After being thrown away, I picked myself up and found my pack. This pack is small, but yowzers we be fierce.
You’ll find it too. Have some patience with yourself.