and then I got over it…

Before we go any further, I strongly encourage you to read my first blog. It will help you to understand me, well maybe not….well maybe just a little.

I posted earlier a post on fb that seemed straight forward (well in my head). Hard NO on that.

I’m a person who doesn’t like to dance around with chit chat, I like to get straight to the point.

The reason for that…………….my past experiences.

I’ve now surrounded myself with the same type of people.

I said in the post, “what if we could just get over it?”

The IT that I’m referring to is the betrayal, the hurt, the anger, the guilt, and so on.

Now, I’m not saying we have to find the magic pill that makes it all go away, (that’d be awesome). What I am saying is:

  1. We absolutely can not in any way shape or form change someone else.
  2. We absolutely can not in any way shape or form change their past, or our past.

So not what the eff do we do with that?

Well we could sit in a dark room and be mad about it I guess.

*While the other person or persons are at a party livin the dream.

*While the other person is making fabulous plans and going on with their life.

*Waste a day in a dark cloud, not hearing the birds chirp, or the enjoying the smell of fresh rain.

*Ya for sure, let’s be mad. At home. Alone. That’ll teach em.

Now let’s not get stuff in a bunch. I’m not saying that what they did is right, I’m not saying that someday they won’t change (on their own).

What I am saying is, we need to figure out how to be happy without them.

What I am saying is, don’t value their opinion so much that your self worth is attacked.

Once you decide to make yourself a priority, s@#t changes. People will drop off like flies (the wrong people), you may be alone for awhile, won’t lie to you about that. The alone is where you find yourself, it’s where you find your power..

New people come in, sometimes old people come back but with a different attitude, jobs change.


We need to get over it.

We need to get professional help. We need to talk this crap out. We need to accept our own kick in the a@#.

We need to start the SELF help journey. Counselling, Meditating, Exercise, Healthy Eating habits… and it won’t be over night, but changes will happen. Positive changes.

S@#t will hit the fan in this process, so buckle down and put on your storm windows. When everything is over.. smooth(ish) waters.